Original Liqueur d'agrumes | 750 ml | France

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Robe claire et incolore; nez piquant d'orange et de zeste d'orange; saveur d'orange douce-amère, bien équilibrée par la chaleur de l'alcool. © Société

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Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur ABV: 17% 750 ML

Experience the rich heritage of Pimm's No. 1 Liqueur. The rich amber hue comes from infusing lots of lovely gin with herbal botanicals, caramelized orange and delicate spices. Our 50 proof liqueur is produced from Great Britain and was established as a brand in 1840, meaning that our delectable gin-infused drink is right at home in the gin capital of the world for a little over a century.

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Becherovka is a proud product of the Czech Republic and a part of the national heritage. Becherovka’s timeless taste is based on a secret recipe that has remained unchanged since 1807 - a balanced mix of approximately 20 herbs, spices and orange oil, pure water from the Bohemian region, high-quality spirit including wine distillate and sugar. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, colourants or preservatives.

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