IQ FIT – a compact logical thinking game

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Introducing IQ Perplex, the ultimate travel game for puzzle fanatics! With 120 challenging puzzles, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end. Perfect for ages 12 to adult, IQ Perplex is a game of spatial reasoning and logical thinking that will put your brain to the test. In each challenge, players are tasked with fitting all of the 3D cube pieces onto the board.

Smartgames IQ Perplex (adult)

IQ Bundles -Circuit Series: IQ Circuit and IQ Arrows

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This puzzle box contains most exciting and challenging brain teaser puzzles for kids and adults. This is not only a fun-filled entertainment activity but will also improve your brain evolving logics and spatial thinking and also stimulates concentrations.

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Smart Games IQ Perplex Puzzle Game - Suite Child

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